Suonerie My Time – BTS Gratis


CATEGORIA: : Coreano

My Time - BTS Suonerie:

온 세상이 너무 컸던 그 소년
Keep on runnin’ all day, mic 잡아들어
Friends ridin’ subway, I’ll be in the airplane mode
전 세계를 rock on I made my own lotto
But 너무 빠른 건지 놓쳐버린 흔적이
Don't know what to do with, am I livin' this right?
왜 나만 다른 시공간 속인 걸까?

[Chorus: Jungkook]
Oh, I can't call ya (Yeah)
I can't hol' ya (I can't)
Oh, I can't
And yes you know, yes you know
I can't call ya (I can't)
I can't touch ya (I can't)
Oh, I can't
Let me know